Cosmetic acupuncture rejuvenation is a holistic beauty treatment that may reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall well being. The treatment stimulates increase in local blood circulation and boosts collagen production around the face. At the same time it also addresses any health imbalances in the body. Your facial session will start with the body points to address any internal imbalances followed by the facial points to correct areas that you wish to work on. After the needle removal, organic essential oils are applied to your face followed by facial cupping, or gua sha, to further stimulate the benefits of the treatment. A complete course of treatments is 10-12 sessions, with each session lasting about 90 min. Most patients notice results around 4-6 sessions. Once monthly follow-up visits are suggested to maintain results. Facial results usually last 5-10 years, depending on your age and constitution. 

Please be sure to inform me of any skin sensitivities or allergies to skin care products or ingredients.

$120 /90 min


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